Level 4

This level focuses on formal graduate studies under the supervision of a pastor and mentor;

While not a comprehensive list, the following options are highly recommended. The two fold priority that invokes a particular recommendation of the following programs are;

a) the need to be taught sound Reformed theology at the postgraduate level;

b) the need to begin/remain in service to your local church (and the other churches of New Zealand) even as you pursue your further study.

The right choice of program will depend largely on your previous training, current context, financial situation and overall goals (you are welcome to email Michael Beck – mikebeck@gracenet.co.nz – if you would like to discuss the various paths that are open to you);

Masters Level Studies

1. M.A.T.S/M.Div, through Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary (ARTS accredited)

2. M.A, through the Reformed Theological Seminary (regionally accredited)

3. M.A.R, through the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (non-accredited)

4. M.Div, through the Reformed Baptist Theological Seminary (non-accredited)

5. M.T.S/M.Div, through The Log College and Seminary (ARTS affiliated, non-accredited)

6. CPM/M.Min/M.Div, through Grace Theological College / Birmingham Theological Seminary (ARTS accredited)

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