Level 3

This is a yearly program. It involves four block-study sessions that are taught by various pastors within the fellowship (and on some occasions, by invited guest speakers).The classroom is hosted at varied (and roving) geographical locations around New Zealand, as each church offers to host a weekend. Each year the calendar will be ordered around the four traditional theological categories (Exegetical; Systematic; Historical; Practical Theology). Topics within these broader categories are both diverse and relevant, allowing for a truly holistic ministerial training.

Students are invited to arrive on the Friday evening/Saturday morning at the host location and return home either on the Saturday/Sunday afternoon. All board and lodging (along with various transport arrangements to and from airport) will be provided by the host church. While books will be recommended for purchase, this will not be made compulsory. No fees are charged for the weekend.

A block training session involves one full Saturday of teaching (the number of sessions will vary from speaker to speaker). Classes will be small enough to allow for continual interaction between speaker and students.

The goal is to create a forum in which true discipleship and mentoring can take place as students seriously contemplate the pastoral ministry. Each weekend will be focused on the proper nurture and personal mentoring of the individual student. For this reason, even when only one or two students are enrolled for a weekend, a very profitable time of development is sure to follow. The day will be devoted to the thinking through of important topics; allowing time for students to ask questions, challenge ideas and thrash out related issues.

At the end of this time, while not compulsory, all students are welcomed and encouraged to stay on for the Sunday morning worship service at the host church. This allows for added exposure to varied styles of preaching and worship within the fellowship. Also, this will allow the various churches to put a face to the name of the students that they are in regular prayer for.

Please see attached block-session calendar. Enrolment requests can be made to this email address (mikebeck@gracenet.co.nz);

  1. Please include the full name of the candidate(s) that you wish to enrol, along with their relevant contact details (email, phone, address).
  2. Make known which of the weekend(s) you would like to enrol candidates for.

(While we would encourage commitment to all four blocks, candidates are welcome to attend as few or as many weekends as is deemed most suitable by their pastors). It is preferable that pastors enrol all candidates. However, if the candidate is applying directly, he must include a letter of commendation from a pastor within the fellowship.


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