2019 Calendar

Topic: Baptist History

The first of two sessions exploring Baptist History. We will be looking at the defining marks of a church from Scripture and then begin to trace out how these have been pursued in the life of Baptist churches down through the centuries. In the course of this we will identify what have been some of the historic distinctives of faithful Baptist
churches. In this session we will briefly touch on some baptistic groups, including the Anabaptists, in earlier centuries, before focusing in on the beginnings, and early development, of modern Baptist history in the seventeenth century. We will in this way provide the background to and context for the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

Date: 23 Feb
Instructor: Rob Harrod
Hosted by Grace Baptist Church, Christchurch.

Topic: A Biblical Understanding of Suffering

Great philosophers, theologians, doctors and every other person who ever lived on the face of the earth, have either thought of, discussed or experienced suffering in their lives. It comes to the wicked as well as the saint in Christ. We hope to look at this topic asking ourselves how we as believers can understand suffering and deal with suffering from a Biblical perspective. This should be beneficial in our own lives and also be helpful to those around us whom we love and want to care for.

Date: 18 May 
Instructor: Andre Bay
Hosted by Shore Baptist Church, Auckland.

Topic: Ruth–God Gives a Harvest of Sovereign Lovingkindness to His Emptied Servants

A textual study and survey of Ruth. We will aim to look carefully at the key textual themes in this much loved book as well as to understand its purpose and place in the overall storyline of redemption. In the end we will discuss matters of Biblical Theology & Systematic Theology flowing from a careful handling of exegetical theology.

Date: 24 August 
Instructor: Joe Fleener
Hosted by Rolleston Baptist, Rolleston.

Topic: Sola Fide–Firming our Grasp

Sola Fide is the article by which the church stands or falls. Therefore it is essential that Christians, and especially Christian ministers, have a firm grasp of this vital and beautiful doctrine. To further this we will survey the Bible’s teaching on the topic with help from history – considering such things as its nature, the various threats to it and the
stakes if those threats aren’t withstood.

Date: 23 November
Instructor: Ryan Vinten
Hosted by Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, Hamilton.