2020 Calendar

2021 FBRCNZ Roving Classroom


New Zealand Church History: background and beginnings, with Rob Harrod (Grace Baptist Church, Christchurch)

The focus of this session will be on the coming of the Gospel to New Zealand in 1814, and the early decades of labour which followed this. We will first survey some of the significant background events and people which led to the first proclamation of the good news in Aotearoa, before investigating the challenges faced by the early missionaries as they sought to faithfully live and minister God’s Word among the the unreached people here. Then we will explore and marvel at the powerful gospel work done amongst the Maori, where the gospel once again proved to be the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16). Finally we will seek to draw out some of the helpful lessons from this period for our own lives and ministries in the 21st century.


The Preaching of the Gospel in the 18th Century Revival and Lessons for us, with Stephen Turner, Hanli Liu and Dwayne Tongamohenoa (West Church, Auckland)

The cross is the centre of our studies for our 2021 Ministry of the Word classes and we want it to be the central focus for the West Church’s Roving Classroom. We’ve decided to take the historical theological approach to the subject and look at 18th century Welsh Calvinistic Methodism and consider William William’s understanding of the cross in particular. Hanli and Dwayne will consider two other men of that revival period and their understanding of the cross in their preaching and ministry.


Old Testament Theology (2) , with Joe Fleener (Rolleston Baptist Church, Rolleston)

Many Christians are unfamiliar with the content of the Old Testament, let alone its historical setting and theological purpose for the covenant people of God. In part two of what is planned to be a three-part course we will look carefully at the Prophetic books (Isaiah-Malachi) of the English Old Testament canon. In doing so we will aim to gain a better grasp of their historical setting and God’s purpose in revealing Himself as He has in these books for His covenant people – both Old and New. History and Theology will come together as we bask in the glory of God’s timeless revelation of Himself to His people.

(For those who would like to complete some advanced, preparatory reading, please read the associated chapters from Van Pelt, Miles V. A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: The Gospel Promised. Crossway. 2017.)


Pastoral Encouragement from 1 Timothy, with Ryan Vinten (Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, Hamilton)

During our sessions we will be meditating on 1 Timothy – seeking to glean from it’s riches encouragement for both shepherds and sheep as we consider what our great shepherd says to us through its pages. We will pay particular attention to its context and how this renders it a marvellously relevant and practical book